Yoga by Iris March Fitness and Yoga Challenge Update

Just checking in to let you guys know how I'm doing with my challenge. If you follow @YogabyIris on Facebook, then you know how Week 1 went. After Week 2 I am at the halfway point.

My goals are to:

  • Eat and drink more mindfully every day.

  • Get fired up again about being physically active every day.

  • Recommit to my personal yoga practice.

Eat and Drink More Mindfully Every Day

Week 1 had me in the kitchen and cooking most meals. Week 2 saw a bit of backsliding with takeaway because of an overdue grocery shopping trip. But I chose healthy options, including a Greek Mediterranean gyro, a salmon burger and a Korean rice bowl.

Get Fired Up Again About Being Physically Active Every Day.

Week 2 started off with two group classes. I attended a Barre class to work on toning and sculpting. The next day I went to a cool fitness/networking event for young businesswomen, which included a 30-minute weight-bearing and resistance routine with a partner. Both of these were great fun and inspired my cardio and strength routine for the week.

Recommit to My Personal Yoga Practice

Both Week 1 and Week 2 were easy for me with the help of a yoga challenge I'm following through my yoga subscription site. It's a month-long basics challenge, so I'm reviewing categories of poses like standing and balancing in detail and breaking down specific poses. This is helping me grow as a yogi and teacher. View the video below to see how my meditation practice is progressing.

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