Teaching Yoga in the Residential Wellness Niche

What is residential wellness? Well the corporate wellness trend is now evading other industries like hospitality and multi-family residential locations. Wellness is for everyone no matter where they lay their heads at night.

Luxury apartment complexes are keeping residents on property at state-of-the-art well-appointed fitness centers. As a perk for residents, the property may offer private trainers, nutritionists, group fitness classes such as Zumba and pilates, and yoga classes.

Companies are springing up in this niche market, which is growing as luxury apartment complexes use their fitness and wellness programs to lure in residents. One of these companies contacted me and offered me the opportunity to teach yoga to residents at local multi-family residential properties.

I was flattered but didn't really know much about this niche market. This is what I know about them and my experience working in this niche.

Where To Find These Companies While getting acquanted with Linkedin, I noticed these companies would pop up in my newsfeed. After doing some research, I discovered the corporate wellness trend is exploding and smaller players are carving a niche in the residential wellness space.

These companies may find you as they search for yoga and fitness professionals to recruit on social media and job sites. is one site where you can find these companies looking to hire. If you have an interest or experience in corporate wellness, residential wellness or fitness concierge, make sure your social profiles includes these keywords.

Research companies you would like to work for and follow them on social media. Many times, they'll put up the "Help Wanted" post when they are thirsty to hire.

Make some short videos of you teaching a class. A recruiter for a company may not be in your area for an audition. They may ask to see a short video of you teaching a group class. Be ready with a link if they ask for a video.

How Do I Vet These Companies I work for a company whose carved a niche in residential wellness primarily with luxury multi-family residential properties. The company is based in another state.

You likely will have the same experience, as these companies manage professionals at locations across America and other countries. Just do your research to understand this niche and use common sense to vet the company.

The company I work for finds fitness professionals and hires them sight unseen and does not audition. They found me on a job site, interviewed me over the phone and hired me. At the time, I didn't have a video the recruiter could preview.

This company has no local representative or office. At the time of my interview, I also didn't know anyone who worked for them or who could give me a heads up about the work environment.

I followed the company's social media sites to learn more about them. I also looked up local professionals who worked for them and checked on the properties and kept communicating with the company via phone and email.

What is the Pay Like, Benefits and Time-off This work environment is like a part-time gig at a studio or big box gym, where you are a contractor. You are 1099 staff, and pay is competitive with market rates at studios and gyms. One thing that may be different from studios and gyms is pay based on attendance. With my company, I receive compensation even if no students show up for a class.

There is no vacation time accrual as a part-timer, but you do get unpaid holidays. Other time off like sick leave and vacation time works like any other part-time yoga gig.

Always carry your own liability insurance as a fitness professional even if your employer covers you as well. It's just smart business and gives you another layer of protection if the employer's insurance lapses. What to Expect My decision to work for this company proved to be one of my best. I enjoy getting to know and teaching different residents at the properties and working independently.

This is a great gig for someone who has a level of confidence in their teaching. You don't have other yoga instructors and a studio structure to fall back on, so you have to improvise. You need to adjust to teach to all levels, especially beginners.

You need to check-in with your clients and tailor your class based on the general mood of the room. For example, if everyone comes in looking ragged from long work days, they may need a gentle practice rather than a Power Yoga session.

You never know if anyone will stop by your class. This can discourage and challenge you at the same time. You have to promote the class to the residents because they aren't paying studio members who show up like clock work.

It can be a challenge working with new students each week, especially in yoga because this makes it difficult to build skills. Eventually, you will get regulars and see them grow in their practice, which is very rewarding.

Residents also find other homes, so you have to say goodbye. The upside is that you now have a friend and fellow yogi to add to your life.

If you are a self-starter, responsible and work well independently, then you will like working without a boss checking up on you. My company acts as the liaison with property management. If you have issues, this company is great at following up and supporting you.

If you don't mind seeing revolving new faces, working with different skill levels and sharing a space with the gym rats, you may like this type of work. Do your research on the company if they are not local and be prepared to improvise in your teaching. Confident and flexible instructors will be successful in this niche.

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