Yoga by Iris March Fitness and Wellness Challenge

I did not think it could happen to me, but I hit a wall in my fitness, yoga and wellness routine. Since my #1mile40days Running Challenge, I have come to a point where I don't feel the fiery passion I once had for physical fitness. My personal yoga practice is boring at the moment also, and I need to reverse its course. I've been slacking with my diet, too.

Sometimes the joy you once had for doing things you love to do can dim. Challenges are good ways to re-ignite your passion and enthusiasm for the things you enjoy doing. March is a good month to begin a fitness and wellness challenge because the promise of Spring and shedding layers is around the corner. 

I'm not hung up on counting calories and recording weight. I mainly assess how I look naked and how my clothes fit and how I feel. I lost the excess pounds years ago and am in maintenance mode. I know what to do to clean up my diet, tone, build muscle and recommit to my home yoga practice.

In March I want to get back to this basic regimen:


Goal: Eat and drink more mindfully everyday.

  • Preparing and eating at least one meatless dinner per week.

  • Eating more whole foods, including upping my intake of green leafy vegetables and fruit.

  • Drinking more water. (45-50 oz/day)

  • Watching my sugar and salt intake. (Skip sugar in coffee and tea.)

  • Skipping fast meals.


Goal: Get fired up again about being physically active everyday.

  • Performing some form of cardio x 30 minutes at least 4 times per week.

  • Developing at least 2 new Barre Above routines. (I am Barre Above certified.)

  • Taking at least 1 group Barre class at a local venue.

  • Including strength training in at least 2 routines per week.

  • Tracking my daily progress in my Fitness Journal.


Goal: Recommit to my personal yoga practice.

  • Practicing yoga (asana, breath & meditation) everyday no matter the length of time.

  • Taking a unique group yoga class once a week with different teachers and at different  venues.

  • Sitting for meditation in Half Lotus at least 10 minutes in the morning.

I think this regimen is practical and one I can follow without to much backslidng. I'm a self-motivator, but find I need to set goals when I'm procrastinating. I think a personal challenge is a good way to give myself a kick in the backside.

My readers are my accountability partners. I plan to give a weekly update of my progress here on the blog. I may share on social media as well.

Let me know in the comments if any of you are working on fitness and wellness goals. I would love to hear about your progress.

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