Ellie Subscription Box Review for October, September and December 2018

As a yoga instructor, I'm in yoga pants and leisure wear most of my days. A girl has to keep her looks fresh and within her budget. But who has the time to hunt through the packed racks of discount big boxes for athleisure bargains?

A fitness wear subscription box could be your answer. I did alot of research before deciding on Ellie. So far, I'm enjoying the value, quality and versatility of my monthly selections.

What You Get You get three to six complete looks to choose from each month from mid-range brands like Marika. These are brands I would shop for in discount clothing chains. (I'm not the one to spend $100 on leggings.)

I chose the $39.99 3-Piece Plan, which comes with a top, bra and bottoms. A $49.99 5-Piece Plan adds two workout gear items, such as sliders or elastic thigh bands.

Every month you have until the 5th to either accept the subscriber pick Ellie chooses for you, or you can choose another look. The outfit arrives in a few weeks.

I don't get too hung up on packaging because it all goes to the recycle bin. If this is important to you, my first two outfits came beautifully packaged in an Ellie branded box; the third outfit arrived in a branded mail bag. So far each outfit arrived as ordered in good condition. I have not had any customer service issues.

What I Think The sizing is true to size. The site tells you the brand, so if you need to check the brand's sizing, you can go to the brand's site.

So far, these pieces are holding up to regular wearing, washing and drying. No peeling or small tears yet in the three looks I've worn.

If you simply can't limit yourself to one outfit per month, Ellie makes the previous month's options available for you to purchase. So if there is an outfit you must have, you can scoop it up.

Here is a month by month breakdown for my first three months with Ellie.

October 2018

I scored with my first month's outfit with a 50% coupon. I chose an athleisure look for my first selection. This look is a charcoal grey jogger pant with a matching pullover top with a unique crisscross drawstring opening.

This look gets an A+ for coziness. I wear it at home on slow Sunday afternoons or for running errands during the weekdays. Take off the pullover, and work out in the white sports bra with grey striped detail and jogger pant.

As a bonus for being a first-timer, Ellie included a branded sturdy large thermos. I got a shiny rose gold drawstring backpack, which I used to hold post-race gear for a half marathon I ran in early November. (Wasn't hard to spot my gear after the race with this bright accessory.)

November 2018 This month was so hard to choose just one outfit because I loved them all. I love athleisure style jackets made of durable soft fabrics. Every option in November came with a super cute top.

I voted for a really versatile three-piece outfit. The long-sleeve white cotton top has a very cute slightly open back and pairs with a sleek, sexy pair of black shiny leggings with side pockets for holding a phone, ID or keys. To top off the outfit, Ellie gave us a reversible wrap in black, red and white tartan on one side and black and red check on the other.

I've worn these pieces multiple ways. The leggings work for yoga and fitness workouts as well as a date night paired with a cute top. The white cotton top goes with anything casual or as a cover-up on your way to the gym or yoga studio.

My favorite piece is the wrap because I can dress it up or down. I wore the wrap and cotton top to a recent business meeting for a pulled together professional look.

December 2018 Once again, Ellie came with the cute coverups. There was a jacket I would love to add to my wardrobe, but after two months of athleisure looks I chose a yoga outfit.

The drapey olive green top opens in the front and back to reveal a crisscross black bra. (You can't have enough black bras in your fitness wear arsenal.) These two pieces top a matte standard pair of black leggings in a high waist style.

My Recommendation

I am really enjoying this service. It saves me the hassle of shopping cramped discount store racks and aisles, which usually contain very limited basic off-season options. With Ellie, you get the pick of the latest trends in fitness and athleisure coupled with versatile pieces, and universally flattering styles and colors. Ellie styles a complete look for you. In my first months with the service, I've had a hard time choosing an outfit because they all speak to me. I can't say this about my own shopping expeditions. For $39.99 per outfit, there is no better value in this type of subscription box.

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