Get Butter Soft Skin and Feet with this DIY Citrus Sugar Scrub

Want super soft skin and feet? Mix up this simple, easy DIY Citrus Sugar Scrub. This recipe is adapted from one I made at the DIY bar of a local shop in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff in Dallas.

Foot Care for Yogis and Runners

Yogis and runners need to pamper their feet and the Citrus Sugar Scrub does the trick. Running on the road and being barefoot on the yoga mat every day takes its toll, so you need to give your feet TLC.

Here is how: Soak feet in a warm epsom salt foot bath or use in your bath or shower. Apply the Citrus Sugar Scrub and massage, starting with your heels and working to the tops of your feet. Take the opportunity to give yourself a foot massage while you're at it. This feels great! Rinse and repeat, if desired.

Skin Care After Any Fitness Workout

For good skin hygiene, you need to wash away dirt and sweat soon after your workout to prevent bacteria from causing skin breakouts. Give your skin that glow by following up your skin wash with this Citrus Sugar Scrub to slough away dead skin cells.

Here is how: After you wash away the dirt and sweat from your body, apply a generous amount of the Citrus Sugar Scrub and massage away. This is self massage for tired, sore muscles as well, so be vigorous, especially on rough areas like elbows, knees and heels. Rinse away the scrub. Oils in the scrub will seal moisture into your skin, so skip body lotion.

The Recipe

The scrub smells of lemon trees thanks to the addition of zest from citrus fruits. The coconut oil penetrates the skin for truly healing effects. Feel free to customize and change up the carrier oil and essential oils to suit your needs.

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