3 Ways Yoga and Fitness Make a Great Couple

Combining yoga with other fitness regimens is a favorite way to work my body and mind. I love mixing cardio and strength with yoga-inspired movement, deep breathing to increase endurance and reaching for a mantra to get me across a finish line.

You can't consume media without seeing an article on yoga and its benefits. There are plenty of scientific studies to prove yoga works well for the body, mind and soul. What they are saying is TRUE. YOGA DOES A BODY!

The Body

The physical yoga practice helps my body stay healthy and free from injury. Sun Salutations alone make a complete practice and work the total body. A daily yoga practice keeps your joints lubricated and muscles supple and flexible, making you less prone to injury. Luckily, I have not experienced any major injuries in my running and other fitness activities since committing to a daily yoga practice.

The Mind

Using pranayama (breath) from the yoga toolkit helps still the mind and clear it of uncluttered thoughts. This is key for fitness and life challenges. In long-distance running, using deep breathing energizes the body and tones the lungs, increasing endurance and stamina. Yoga and fitness both boost the mood and give you the confidence to tackle difficult moments inside and outside of the gym or yoga shala.

The Soul

Both the physical (asana) and pranayama (breath) spokes in the yoga wheel prepare you for meditation. We have read about how a regular meditation practice--even as little as 10 minutes a day--works wonders to stabilize our mind and free it of chaotic thoughts. Your physical practice can lead to meditative moments on the yoga mat and in your fitness endeavors. During challenging runs or fitness workouts, mantra meditation can keep you focused on accomplishing your goals.

Looking for ways to incorporate yoga into your fitness regimen, this short video talks about how you can do it.

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