Personal Practice: Yoga Nidra

Disclosure: I teach classes at Yoga Pod Dallas. This post is not sponsored by Yoga Pod Dallas nor is Yoga by Iris paid to endorse Yoga Pod Dallas. My opinions are my own.

Remember this post about igniting your practice. Sometimes you need to move outside the comfort of your home to rejuvenate your practice and renew your body and mind.

Yoga Pod Dallas held its inaugural Meditation Class on Tuesday evening, March 28, 2018. I was there and glad I was.

I went to the Meditation class without knowing much about the format. I will get a chance to lead one soon, so I went in hopes of learning the format. What I found out is the class is evolving and may transform over time. Experimentation is a good thing.

We were led in our practice by one of Yoga Pod's senior teachers Ela B. She has a soothing voice, and it shines in this setting.

Ela announced that Yoga Nidra would be our practice for the hour-long Meditation class. Then she put us into a savasana stasis under the flicker of candlelight and a meditation soundtrack. As props, she offered blankets for full body coverage or folded under the head and shoulders.

Next, Miss Ela got to work with her golden Meditation voice. She spent the next 45 minutes putting our minds and bodies at ease with a guided savasana meditation meant to get you to focus on one thing: relaxing.

As a stress reliever, Yoga Nidra would rank high, but its true goal is to put you in the best state for quality sleep. Done and done. That night I had the best sleep I've experienced in months.

If you haven't yet tried Yoga Nidra in your practice, do so. Don't walk. Run to get some Yoga Nidra in your life if good sleep is evading you.

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