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I enjoy my muscle bath soaks after hard, sweaty fitness workouts and yoga practices. What I've been missing in my bath ritual is a good handmade soap. Enso Apothecary came calling with yogis in mind.

I discovered Enso Apothecary through social media. I immediately checked out their site and purchased a soap Sample Set and two full-size Coconut Bars.

The site is easy to navigate with detailed product descriptions for ingredient-conscious buyers. There are several all-natural soap options and some scented with essential oils.

I couldn't make up my mind about the soaps, so I chose the Sample Set. The set includes petite versions of the Enso Bar, Zen Bar, Yoga Bar and Black Soap.

When I opened the cute packaging, I knew my bath ritual game would go up a notch. A really heavenly smell came from the package. On top were my 100% Handmade soap samples and below the larger Coconut Bars.

I've been whittling away at the substantial Coconut Bar in the bath and shower. The Coconut Bar smells lightly of coconut oil, which is good for those who don't like heavy scents in bath products.

The Coconut Bar has rough edges, which make it easy to handle. This soap bar won't melt away if you care for it by placing it in a container after use. The bar gives me a luxurious creamy lather to wash away the sweat and grime after my cardio, strength and yoga sessions.

My miniature Enso Soap sample is running out, but I'm excited to try the others in the Sample Set. My bathroom smells lovely after washing with this Lemongrass scented soap.

Like the Coconut Bar, the Enso Soap has a creamy lather and doesn't strip the skin of oils or leave a residue on the skin. My skin feels clean and smooth after use.

One reason I like shopping with small businesses is their customer service and attention to detail. Enso Apothecary gets high marks in these areas.

My package arrived quickly and came beautifully wrapped with a sweet handwritten note from the owner. The bars were made freshly and not dried out. This parcel made me smile and excited to try the products.

Enso Apothecary has other offerings on their site, including bath soaks and body butters. All of the products are handmade with love and feature all-natural, holistic ingredients.

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