Practical Practice: Wrist Care

Working the 9 to 5 day takes it toll, whether you're in an office, on the move, or at home. All the repetitive motion of typing on keyboards and texting on cellphones wreck havoc on your wrists over time.

My yoga wrist care routine incorporates these exercises to protect and strengthen my wrists for a practice heavy with Chaturangas (yogic pushups) and arm balances. As part of your daily self-care regimen, perform these five easy exercises to stretch and strengthen your wrists for living with modern technology. This routine takes about three minutes.

Wrist Circles

Make fists and rotate your wrists clockwise 10 times and then counterclockwise.

Wrist Extension/Flexion

Extend your arms in front of you, then flex and extend your wrists 10 times. Think waving bye-bye to a baby.

Wrist Active Flexion

Keep your R arm extended. Flex your R hand by gently pressing it with the posterior side of your L hand. Repeat on the L hand. Hold for three breaths.

Finger Flexion

Keep your R arm extended and flex your R hand, spreading your fingers. Grab your R thumb between your L thumb, index finger and middle finger, then gently flex the L thumb toward you. Repeat with the remaining digits on the R hand, then repeat on the L hand. Perform twice on each hand.

Wrist Rotation

Bring the backs of your hands together with your fingers pointing down. As you press your hands together simultaneously rotate your fingers toward your chest until they are pointing up. Then do the reverse. Repeat five times.​​​​​​

Bonus: Wrist Self Massage

This short video from Yoga Journal features Dr. Ariele Foster's practical DIY method for soothing sore wrists.

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