DIY Lotus Earrings

Jewelry designed with yoga culture in mind attracts my attention, but my bank account has limits. After searching the typical online sites for a pair of affordable lotus-inspired sterling silver earrings, I decided to create my own.

I found my supplies at Etsy Studio. First, I searched for jewelry vendors. I found bymitena. The vendor had an array of gold and sterling silver yoga-inspired jewelry in different size and design options.

A dainty sterling silver lotus charm stood out from the crowd. I paired the charms with sterling silver stud earrings with a 5 mm ball and loop I could open for dangling the charms.

This was my first time making my own jewelry. I wasn't sure how I would open the loop on the stud earrings to hold the charms. On Etsy Studio, I browsed "jewelry making tools" and a split ring plier came up tops in the results. I chose an inexpensive one resold by Forgeron.

This is the process I used to create my one-of-a-kind pair of lotus earrings. I'm no DIY expert, so my method might not follow proper conventions for those more competent than I. It took some dexterity, since I had both hands occupied and was working with small delicate pieces. But the results were worth it. The actual process took less than 5 minutes minus my photography.


(2) 925 Sterling Silver Lotus Charms 8 x 11.5 mm with loops

(1) pair 925 Sterling Silver Post Stud Earrings with 5 mm ball and opened loop

(1) pair split ring pliers


Hold one of the post stud earrings in your non-dominant hand.

Use your dominant hand to close the pliers and insert the hooked end into the stud earring loop.

Slowly and gently open the pliers to open the stud earring loop enough to insert the charm loop, then remove the pliers from the stud earring loop.

Insert your charm loop inside the stud earring loop. Tip: If you don't want the "925" mark on the charms to show, make sure it's posterior facing.

Open the pliers to gently capture the outside of the stud earring loop, then close the loop with the pliers.

Repeat steps 1 - 5 to create the second lotus earring.


My total cost for the lotus earrings was $20.22, which is great for a pair of sterling silver earrings. The charms and stud earring pair cost $9.25, including shipping. My split ring plier tool was an investment at $10.89, including shipping. I will use the tool again for other jewelry-making projects. I purchased two pair of the stud earrings, so I can choose more charms and create another sweet pair of earrings.

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