Home Yoga Practice: Do you practice with music?

My last yoga membership was at a studio where music accompanied every practice--even when the sound system was on the fritz. When I began my home practice, I noticed the YouTube yoga gurus I followed didn't always use a soundtrack.

I was so dependent on music from my group classes that I would use my smartphone as a DJ to accompany a music-less video. This workaround soon became awkward and tedious. One day I just let the yoga soundtrack go and replaced it with the sound of my breath.

Have you experienced a similar epiphany about using music? There is no question about whether music has the ability to set the mood of your practice and enhance it. But sometimes you need the quiet of working your mat sans a playlist.

Building your own rhythm from within--like heat--helps develop your confidence. Music won't always be available or reliable. Sound systems at yoga studios and in large community yoga settings can fail. If you are dependent on music to get through a flow, where do you find the beat without your perfectly curated playlist? You find the beat within.

I think I needed the change to explore a different side of my yoga persona. The chance to develop more free-flowing, dance-inspired sequences opened me up to different arm variations of standing poses.

Adding the occasional yoga soundtrack back to my personal practice was successful for me. I'm using Internet music radio from Apple iTunes and Spotify. For clients, it's their choice; I'm prepared for beats or just the sound of our breath.

Tell me how and when you use music in your home yoga practice?

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