Personal Practice: First Group Class of 2018

After the whirlwind of teacher training last summer and the pursuit of class hours, I longed to get back to my home yoga practice. My home practice is what helps me grow as a yogini.

All yoga instructors need a consistent home practice, but sometimes you need to slide your mat next to another living person. I got on my mat on a Friday and just needed the presence of other bodies in the room.

I went in search of a group yoga class the next day. I found one near home at Sync Yoga and Wellbeing at Sylvan Thirty.

I've experienced various instructors from Sync while stopping in for community yoga classes at the Crow Asian Collection in the Dallas Arts District. At one point, the museum's wellness program offered a Thursday evening yoga class in one of the galleries.

This was my first time at the Sync studio. It sits above a small restaurant and has an airy industrial loft feel with a large airy practice room to accommodate many yogis.

I registered online for a morning Flow Plus class via their website and check in was easy with a kiosk at the front desk. Class was led by the owner of Sync Jen Lawson.

We had a full house for this vinyasa style class with what Lawson said included some students new to yoga. Looking around with a teacher's eye, this seemed to be an all levels class.

Lawson has an easy way about her, which is what you might need in a yoga instructor for a Saturday class after a long week out in the world. This was a slow-flow vinyasa class, which I like for the languid build up in warmups and the long holds in standing poses. I enjoyed Lawson take on building strength and flexibility with a single, sustained contraction or subtle movement. This Flow Plus got the kinks out--good for those hunched over a keyboard during the week.

The class was slow and steady but challenging at the same time with a one-legged strength and balance series. I liked Lawson's attention to her newbies. They had places to go while more intermediate and advanced students could experience some poses in their fullness. For instance, instead of full Wheel pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana), you could opt for a supported Bridge pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) with a block instead or enjoy the front body opening of Bridge with shoulders tucked under the body. I left the class at ease but stronger physically and recharged for the rest of the weekend.

Sync covers the yoga lifestyle offering a variety of styles and all levels of classes. Complementing the asana offerings are a changing myriad of workshops for teachers and students. You can also book a massage therapist after your next yoga session.

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