"I'm open to pushing the boundaries of a traditional yoga practice."

In my teaching and personal practice, I incorporate primarily Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Restorative, and Yin styles. My formal teacher training is in the Power Yoga vinyasa style.


No matter the style, I encourage slower paced and deliberate movement in asana practice so breath and alignment are not compromised. I use power in yoga for drills and conditioning.

Yoga and Fitness

I am not afraid to mix complementary styles to achieve a balance in my practice; and I encourage my students to explore all styles to find what works for them. I'm open to pushing the boundaries of a traditional yoga practice. I especially like to incorporate cardio, dynamic movement and hand weights for students who desire a more active practice or want to change up their standard fitness routine.


Breath and Meditation

Syncing breath to movement and using breath to deepen the physical practice are paramount in my teaching and practice. I want to share pranayama practices (yogic breathing techniques) with my students and help guide them to the best state for effective meditation. Helping you get to a meditative state, if you desire, is my goal for you.

Home Yoga Practice

I am passionate about my home yoga practice and want to help others get started with one or enhance their existing practice. Feel free to ask me any questions about home yoga practice here and read my Iris Does Yoga blog for helpful yoga practice tips.

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